Savola Group Logo

Savola Group is a conglomerate from Saudi Arabia that produces food on a massive scale. They export it to many countries in the Middle East, all the while being the main supplier of some food types in their home country. There are other companies who do similar work in this country, but this one is the biggest.

Meaning and History

Savola is one of the most influential businesses in the Middle East. They produce food on a truly massive scale; own much of the grocery industry in their home country and several neighboring Arabic states, such as Egypt. Their history began in 1979, and they grew exponentially since.

What is Savola Group?
Savola Group is a Saudi Arabian company that operates in the food and retail sectors. It is involved in various activities, including manufacturing, distribution, and retailing of food products, as well as production and sale of edible oils, sugar, and packaging materials.

1979 – today

Savola Group Logo

The logo features two main things: the word ‘Savola’ in English, and the same word but in Arabic. This is a recurring design choice for many Middle-Eastern brands. Both words are colored mechanical grey, and look the part. They are straight, blocky and the letters are strangely separated at times.

The Arabic variant is bigger and is a central piece of this logo, while the international name has to sit in the right bottom corner.

Emblem and Symbol

There is also an additional emblem that was used on occasions before, and is still in use irregularly. It’s a 3D depiction of three leaves on a yellow stem, surrounded by a yellow ring. Below are the Arabic and English names for the country in full. They are both handwritten and colored green, which is typical for the region.