Schofferhofer Logo

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What is Schofferhofer Logo

Schöfferhofer is a wheat white beer brand, included in Radeberger Group. This beer is famous due to its curious tastes – grapefruit and orange. The Schöfferhofer beer is being produced in Frankfurt, along with many other marks of beer.

Meaning and History

The wheat beer with unusual flavor and taste called Schöfferhofer came to the life in the year 1978. That time it was the first wheat beer outside Bavaria, the capital of beer in Germany. The name refers to Peter Schöffer, in which former house the brewery was established.

1975 – Today

Schofferhofer Logo

The beer has also the logo, and it is in use since the brand was launched. This logo consists of the inscription, made in medieval gothic-like font of black color with some white lines. This inscription is graced with the black and white Peter Shöffer portrait above. All this pictured on the gold background.

Emblem and Symbol

The classic Schöfferhofer logo for the bottle caps consists of the same inscription, written on the golden back, and the explanation ‘Hefeweizen’ (barm wheat beer) below and above. There are also two shield-shaped pictures behind the name, which can be seen on the big logo as well.