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Schöfferhofer is a wheat white beer brand that is included in the Radeberger Group. This beer is famous due to its intriguing tastes – grapefruit and orange. The Schöfferhofer beer is being produced in Frankfurt, along with many other brands of beer. Along with classic light and dark ales, the manufacturer brews cocktails, the main component of which is beer. The unique feature of its beverages is light rich beer blends with unusual flavors: grapefruit, cactus, passion fruit, pomegranate, guarana, and others. The blend consists of at least 50% of beer, thanks to which the unique taste of wheat beer is not lost in the fruit flavors. Beer mixes are also loved for the fact that they have a low alcohol content (only 2.5%).

Meaning and History

The history of the brewery that produces Schofferhofer beer dates back to the 15th century.  The wheat beer with unusual flavor and taste called Schöfferhofer came to the life in the year 1978. At that time, it was the first wheat beer outside Bavaria, the capital of beer in Germany. The name refers to Peter Schöffer. The brewery was built on his estate, located in the German town of Mainz. Schofferhofer brand stayed true to its roots. The brewery made only beer brewed from wheat and it still specializes in this type of intoxicating drink. Today, the Schofferhofer Brewery occupies a leading position not only on a national scale but also in the world ranking of companies producing the best beer.

What is Schofferhofer?
This is a small brewery that over the years has grown into a large company and began to produce Schöfferhofer wheat unfiltered German beer. It is well-known throughout Germany and can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding premium beer lovers. Later, the brewery moved to another location, but the name behind the beer remained.

1975 – Today

Schofferhofer Logo

The logo is in use since the brand was launched. It consists of the inscription made in medieval gothic-like font of black color with some highlights. This inscription is graced with the black and white Peter Shöffer portrait above. There is also a white inscription done in cursive handwriting style. All this is pictured on a golden background. It looks like a curved piece of paper with darker lines at the top and bottom and beer drops on it. The classic Schöfferhofer logo for the bottle caps consists of the same inscription, written on the golden background, and the explanation ‘Hefeweizen’ (barm wheat beer) below and above. There are also two shield-shaped pictures behind the name, which can be seen on the big logo as well.

Font and Color

Schofferhofer Emblem

The logo has a truly classic and very elegant font. Every letter is written separately and has beautiful highlights along with the varying thickness of the lines that give it a 3D appearance. The ends are pointed for an even more sophisticated look, which is enhanced by the black color of the lettering. The logo also features white and golden colors with some orange. These colors are easily associated with the brand’s product – beer.