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Seesaw is a dynamic educational technology firm dedicated to enhancing student engagement through its interactive learning platform. Widely adopted in classrooms globally, Seesaw offers tools that empower students to showcase their work and progress. This digital portfolio is a hit among educators in various markets, primarily in the U.S. As an independent entity, Seesaw continues its mission to innovate in the edtech sphere, enabling teachers to foster a more collaborative and interactive learning environment. Its commitment to bridging the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents positions Seesaw as a frontrunner in contemporary educational solutions.

Meaning and history

Seesaw, a renowned name in the edtech realm, embarked on its journey in 2011, founded by Carl Sjogreen and Adrian Graham. These ex-Google employees envisioned a platform to revolutionize student engagement, driven by their passion for educational technology.

Initially, the duo launched Shadow Puppet, an app allowing users to create and share custom photo stories. Recognizing its potential in classrooms, they pivoted towards a more comprehensive educational tool, and thus, Seesaw was born in 2014.

Seesaw’s innovative design was built on the concept of a student-driven digital portfolio. It granted students the autonomy to showcase their work, while teachers could seamlessly monitor and provide feedback. This dual functionality distinguished Seesaw, propelling its rapid adoption in classrooms worldwide.

The company’s emphasis on user feedback has been pivotal. Frequent consultations with educators ensured Seesaw’s evolution aligned with classroom needs. This commitment to grassroots innovation fostered tools that resonated with educators and students alike, such as creative tools for multimedia projects and activity libraries.

Although Seesaw has been approached for acquisitions, it has retained its independence, focusing on its foundational mission. Financially, its growth has been fueled by venture capital funding, securing investments from prominent names like Omidyar Network and Waypoint Capital.

Throughout its history, Seesaw’s dedication to empowering educators and students has been unwavering. Despite the evolving edtech landscape, Seesaw’s commitment to a collaborative, interactive learning environment remains, positioning it as a beacon in modern educational solutions.

2015 – Today

Seesaw Logo

An iconic emblem of a U.S.-based enterprise consists of a textual representation alongside a graphic depiction. This visual display incorporates five expansive, vibrantly colored bands that converge centrally. Resembling elongated bars with softened corners, these bands evoke memories of ice-cream sticks. A pair of these, rendered in muted yellow and amber hues, intersect to create an ‘X’. Overlaying these are three additional bands in verdant, cerulean, and teal shades. Due to their semi-transparent nature, where these bands overlap, an amalgamation of colors emerges, crafting fresh hues.

Beneath this vibrant spectacle lies the brand name, “Seesaw.” Scripted in a cobalt hue, the characters convey a handwritten aesthetic, though it’s artfully designed to mimic calligraphy. All characters appear interlinked, except for the initial “S,” which stands slightly apart from its adjacent “e.”

This emblematic representation of Seesaw encapsulates the brand’s essence twofold. Explicitly, the name is illuminated in bold, radiant lettering. However, the creative team ventured beyond mere typography, encapsulating an abstract depiction of a seesaw that oscillates vertically. To illustrate its movement, various beam positions are portrayed. Through the incorporation of semi-transparent lines, they’ve infused a sense of lively motion, echoing the brand’s dynamic spirit.