SIA Engineering Company Logo

SIA Engineering is a subsidiary to SIA – the Singapore Airlines Company that is one of the most crucial airlines in the region. The job of SIA Engineering is basically making sure that all the planes in the SIA employ are up to code, full repaired, well maintained and ready for work.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1992 specifically to aid the sprawling Singapore Airlines with maintaining and repairing their aircraft. It became increasingly more crucial, considering that SIA went on to accumulate the largest fleet in the region very soon. They needed someone to keep their vessels oiled at all times.

What is SIA Engineering Company?
SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) is a leading aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) company based in Singapore. It provides comprehensive MRO services to a wide range of airlines, specializing in airframe, engine, and component maintenance. SIAEC is known for its high-quality services and strong reputation in the aviation industry.

1992 – today

SIA Engineering Company Logo

SIA Engineering actually took inspiration from the existing SIA logo. They took a lot from it, except the name inscription, obviously.

What it looks like is the company’s name written in blue, slightly futuristic sans-serif script (exactly as it’s styled in the SIA logo), followed on the right by a linear depiction of a yellow bird with its wings stretched up. The same color is also used as an underline below the inscription part.

Emblem and Symbol

Like the SIA itself, SIA Engineering uses the company branding extensively. For their property, they use the bird emblem exactly as it’s presented on the SIA logo and on their own one. The only difference is that they don’t put it on planes, but on buildings, equipments and so on.