Spaten Logo

Spaten is one of the most successful and oldest brands of classic beer. It’s owned and produced by the German Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu company. This beer is spread across the world, although the most avid drinkers live in Germany, the brand’s homeland. And that’s also where their distilleries are located.

Meaning and History

The brand story begins in 1397, when the brewery was founded in Munich by Hans Prew. Of course, that time, there were just common German people making beer. In 1622, the brewery was bought by the Spatt family and later the beer was known as Spaten, in English – spade.

What is Spaten?
Spaten is a German brewery that specializes in producing traditional Bavarian beers. Established in 1397, it is renowned for its expertise in brewing and its range of high-quality lagers, including the popular Spaten Oktoberfest.

1884 – Today

Spaten Logo

The Spaten brewery gained its iconic logo in 1884. Before then, there was no so much need in the branding for the brewery. People just knew about Spaten. But as the brewery grew and went beyond Munich, the company holders decided to create a logo.

This shield-like logo was drawn by Otto Hupp, and it depicted the inscription ‘Spaten’, placed above the company red emblem with the spade. This emblem is put over the wheat. Under it all, we can see the explanation ‘Premium Lager’. The logo also tells us about the beer origins and time it appeared.

Emblem and Symbol

As one of the top beer brands in Munich, Spaten often appears at Oktoberfest. They even have the special logo for the event. It depicts generally the similar things as for the primal one, but all inscriptions are written on the blue background, and there is also the big gothic-style word ‘Oktoberfest’.