Spectrum Aeronautical Logo

Spectrum Aeronautical is a designer of business planes, headquartered in Carlsbad, California with the factory in Spanish Fork, Utah. Among the company’s projects are a couple of light jets: S-40 ‘Freedom’ and S-33 ‘Independence’. They mostly export to their own military forces in US.

Meaning and History

There aren’t many facts, why did Spectrum use the name ‘Spectrum’. Perhaps, it means ‘spectrum of aeronautical services’. The official mission statement of the company is to drive out the high cost of jet travel through the employment of modern technologies, and to make the spectrum of air services bigger and better.

What is Spectrum Aeronautical?
Spectrum Aeronautical was an American aerospace company specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced composite business jets. The company aimed to develop innovative, fuel-efficient aircraft with enhanced performance and luxury features.

1995 – Today

Spectrum Aeronautical Logo

The current logotype of the brand depicts the name of the company, written in the blue sans-serif font, and the emblem of a plane on the left side from the inscription. There are large intervals between the angular letters, so the logotype looks stylish and modern.

Emblem and Symbol

The logotype can change the shades. For instance, the official site of the company has the bright blue version of the logotype, but on the Internet you can find the dark blue variant. There are also other variants, but they aren’t particularly official or common to find.