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Takara Holdings is a company from Kyoto, which focuses on the production of food, drinks, medical stuff, and even computer systems, printing, and travel. The company created several divisions to better manage its activities. The Takara Shuzo division is responsible for alcoholic beverages, sake, and seasonings. There is also Takara Shuzo International, which exports Japanese food and liquor. Biotechnology research and development are the responsibility of the Takara Bio division. Takara Holdings also has divisions that focus on business logistics and real estate leasing.

Meaning and History

Takara Holdings Incorporated was founded in 1925 when its line of work was a bit different from today. Originally, it was a distilling business known as Takara Shuzo. In 1979, it became the first Japanese company to develop restrictive enzymes. Over time, they’ve grown out of their own home island and become an international brand. In 1982, the first genetic engineering reagents manufactured by Takara got exported and a year later, Takara launched brewing and sales of sake in the United States. A subsidiary in France and Takara Korea Biomedical division in Seoul were created in 1995.  The actual Takara Holdings got formed in 2002 along with the Takaro Shuzo and Takara Bio divisions. There are not many facts about the origins of the company’s name. Takara means ‘Treasure’ in Japanese, which gives you an idea that the owners cherish their enterprise very much. That being said, Japanese names also mean more to the Japanese than ours mean to us.

What is Takara Holdings?
This is a Japanese company that has multiple directions of activity. There are over fifty companies in the Takara Holdings Group, with a majority of them being overseas and only 13 located in Japan. It not only manufactures and sells its products but also conducts deep, expertise research and development of new products. The company, for instance, made multiple breakthrough findings and developments in the area of biotechnology. It also holds numerous exclusive rights and patents.

1925 – Today

Takara Holdings Logo

The logotype of the brand depicts a blue-colored name of the brand, written in a simple font with little serifs. Three syllables of the word ‘Ta-Ka-Ra’ have the first letter capitalized to give an interesting feature to the logo. There is also an emblem, which the company does not use quite often. The emblem is styled in Japanese hieroglyphs in a round frame of blue color. They mostly use it in their home country and for their domestic market, but you can often see it outside of Japan, too.

Font and Color

The company uses only a blue color for its logo. The blue color can be called a symbol of perfection, so the company is striving for the ideal and trying to develop the best products out there. It is also considered the color of stability. The company used a very interesting style of writing for its name. All the letters “a” are lower case while the other letters are uppercase. They feature a classic sans-serif typeface with straight lines and ends combined with smooth curves.