Takara Holdings Logo

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What is Takara Holdings Logo

Takara Holdings is a company from Kyoto, which provides production of food, drinks and medical stuff. It was founded in 1925, when their line of work was a bit different from today. Over time, they’ve grown out of their own home island and became an international brand

Meaning and History

There are not many facts about the origins of the company’s name. Takara means ‘Treasure’ from Japanese, which gives you an idea that the owners cherish their enterprise very much. That being said, Japanese names also mean more to the Japanese than ours mean to us.

1925 – Today

Takara Holdings Logo

The logotype of the brand depicts the blue-colored name of the brand, written in the simple font with little serifs. Three syllables of the word ‘Ta-Ka-Ra’ are pointed by the capitalized letters to make some interesting feature in the logo.

Emblem and Symbol

There is also an emblem, which the company does not use quite often. The emblem is styled in Japanese hieroglyphs, surrounded by the circular frame of blue color. They mostly use it in their home country and for their domestic market, but you can often see it outside of Japan, too.