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Truly hard seltzer is a low-alcohol carbonated drink with fruit additives. It is essentially a soda with alcohol and several flavor options like Black Cherry, Blueberry & Acai, Watermelon & Kiwi, and even Lemonade. Truly offers one of the most extensive flavor lineups on the market. It was the explosion of flavors and modest, almost dietary composition of the drink that allowed Truly Hard Seltzer to become a real hit.

Meaning and History

In 2016, Truly Hard Seltzer made its debut on the market, providing three flavors of low-calorie alcoholic beverages. The beverage was initially marketed in glass bottles that came in packs of six, which were later replaced by more practical packaging. The Truly Hard Seltzer recipe was updated in 2019. Boston Beer Co.’s Truly brand has been so successful that most of the company’s sales now come from seltzer rather than beer.

What is Truly?
This is a drink with only 100 calories, 5 grams of sugar, and 5% alcohol. Truly is produced by Boston Beer, one of the major craft beer producers in the United States. It shares 75% of the US seltzer market with White Claw by Mark Anthony Brands.

2016 – Today

Truly Logo

The logo of the brand looked cold and conservative thanks to the font and color choice. The name was printed using thick, clean strokes and straight cuts that added a confident and sophisticated touch. The second line, which said “Hard Seltzer”, was done using the same bold and modern font of a smaller size to make two lines of the same length. Black symbolizes independence, a sense of control, and inner strength, while a line underneath underlined the high rating of the brand.

Font and Color

Truly Emblem

The company went for a font similar to Equip Bold by Hoftype with straight and clean lines and cuts. The designers added slab serifs on either side of the horizontal stroke of the “T”. The added serifs made the logo look stronger and grand. Black symbolizes strength, confidence, and luxury. This is the color of sophistication, power, and dominance.