Upper Crust Logo

Upper Crust is a chain of fast food restaurants, founded in 1986, which provides the assortment of baguettes and sandwiches as well as drinks such as coffee, sodas and tea. The common places of Upper Crust restaurants’ location are railway stations, universities and the outlets of UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Egypt.

Meaning and History

Upper Crust Logo history

The history behind the name of this brand is rather convoluted. The phrase ‘upper crust’ appeared in 15th century and then it literally meant ‘top crust on a loaf of bread’. For some reason, they stumbled upon it in the dictionary and decided to use it for their baguette-oriented chain of restaraunts.

1986 – 1996

Upper Crust Logo 1986

The initial logotype of the brand was the black and white image with the inscription ‘Upper Crust’, written on the background of a circle. There are the lines above and below each word as well. The inscription’s serif typeface was delicate and elegant, and had the cursive features.

1996 – 2001

Upper Crust Logo 1996

The following logo, introduced in 1996, gained the yellow color to the circle. The familiar inscription gained a less expressive font, without so cursive letters. The lines above and below the words remained, but they’ve got a few changes.

2001 – 2012

Upper Crust Logo 2001

One more brand’s logotype depicted the same image, in general, but with a few changes. First, it gained the darker color palette and less bold typeface of the inscription, while the second point is that the letters became even less rounded they were in the previous versions of the logo.

2012 – 2016

Upper Crust Logo 2012

Instead of the circle, designers put the rectangular yellow background. As for the inscriptions, well, the brand designers changed the typeface of the phrase ‘Upper Crust’, wrote it in a semi-circle and placed the little explanation below: ‘Baguette Specialist’. It is bordered by the thin lines below and above.

2016 – Today

Upper Crust Logo

The current logotype represents the bold white inscription ‘Upper Crust'(without any explanations), over the bright yellow background. There is also the brown underline of the inscription.

Emblem and Symbol

The current Upper Crust’s logo can be used without the yellow background or in other colors of the font. For example, on the official site of the brand, you can find the switching of the logo’s background according to the page where you are. Also, the packs for food in restaurants have the name of the brand of black color.