Vistara Logo

Vistara is an Indian airline company from Haryana. They aren’t one of the India’s chief flight providers, but they are still important as an interstate airline. They mostly operate within their own country, with some occasional flights to the other South Asian countries and even beyond.

Meaning and History

The brand was started in the year 2013 precisely to be a crucial airline for transportation within India. That being said, it slightly contradicts their brand identity – ‘Vistara’ meaning ‘limitless expanse’ in Sanskrit. Nevertheless, it’s just their brand name, while the official one is a much more boring ‘Tata SIA Airlines’.

2013 – today

Vistara Logo

The official logo of Vistara consists of an emblem and the name inscription.

The emblem is a variation of Yantra – an old Indian symbol that has many uses and meanings. In this case, it is a simple geometric variation comprised of several squares, triangles and other shapes. Here, it symbolizes cardinal directions and connections between various destinations.

They usually paint it gold and put it against a purple background, but it can also differ based on various reasons. They usually put the brand name right below or to the left of the emblem, either coloring it purple or white (if there is a purple background). The letters are thin and visibly geometrical.

Emblem and Symbol

What the usually do with their Yantra sign is put it onto a stabilizer of their plane as good fortune token. However, they often cut it diagonally and only feature a part of it. Most of the time, the stabilizers alongside the rest of the plane’s tail are also colored purple, much like the composition of the logo itself.