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Yubo is the name of a social network for teenagers, launched in France in 2015. The main idea of the platform is to meet new friends and communicate in group chats. There are no likes or follows, or influencers. It is very easy to use, and by now has already gained over 50 million fans from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

YuBo Logo history

Yubo launched in October 2015 and gained only 5 million users in the first year. Now there are more than 50 million users of the app, and 80% of them are between 16 and 21 years old, which was the original focus audience for the creators of the network. Interesting, that more than half of the Yubo users live in North America, and only  5% are in France, although it is a French start-up.

The main difference between Yubo from all other social networks known today is its focus of attention on micro-communities and groups of friends. There are no likes, no number of views, and no other attributes typical of social networks, which make the users compete. Also, Yubo has no concept of social leaders; it’s essentially a chat room for an established group of friends, and in these groups, people do not necessarily know each other in real life.

The app focuses on making it easy for young people to spend time with their peers in live streams, chatting, or playing group games. Online gaming and streaming are also a very important part of the Yubo concept. Although, such features as Messaging, posting videos, and sharing live broadcasts are still some of the most popular uses of the platform. Since the creation of the app in 2015, Yubo users have sent more than 2 billion messages on the platform. In addition, the app has published millions of videos in its live streaming service.

The platform is available to users in two forms: paid and free. The paid version of the app gives users additional features, such as increased visibility, but the free version allows you to enjoy almost all the features of the app. Instead of selling ads and user data, Yubo is making money from the gaming model, so you won’t see much advertising and can feel absolutely confident and protected here.

What is Yubo?
Yubo is a social network, launched in France in 2015 and oriented at young audiences. The network introduces a new way of communication in social media, without likes and influencers, making things simple and uniting people into small groups of friends.

 As for the visual identity, the Yubo logo is all about color. A bright and juicy combination of yellow and black is what stayed with the application after the redesign, and is what makes its emblem instantly recognizable and eye-catching. The visual identity of the social network consists of two parts — the primary logo and the app icon, which are used separately.

 2015 – 2021

YuBo Logo 2015

The initial Yubo logo was introduced in 2015, with the launch of the app, and stayed untouched for almost six years. It was a bold lowercase inscription in a custom sans-serif typeface with massive and stable letters, glued to each other. The yellow letters featured an extra-bold black outline and the negative space of the last letter, “O”, was stylized as a smile, a diagonally set half-circle, in black, as the negative space of the “B” and the contour of the inscription.

 2021 – Today

Yubo Logo

The redesign of 2021 kept the yellow and black color palette of the Yubo logo and the lowercase style, which makes the inscription look very kind and friendly, but changed the typeface of the lettering and made it more elegant and lightweight due to the use of thinner outlines. The new Yubo logotype is executed in a bold and slightly italicized font, with its yellow letters featuring rounded angles and medium-thick black contours.


YuBo Emblem

The Yubo app icon is based on the symbol from its original logotype — the stylized smile on the letter “O”. The smile is diagonally set on a solid yellow square with rounded angles and can be seen in three versions: black, white, or black-and-white. It looks extremely friendly and delightful, evoking a sense of happiness and fun, and brilliantly showing the essence and purpose of the application.

Font and color

YuBo Symbol

The lowercase Yubo logotype is set in a custom typeface, with massive letters set very close to each other, rounded angles, and smooth stylized tails of the bars. The sans-serif font was designed exclusively for the social network but is based on a typeface, pretty close to Delargo DT Rounded Black Italic.

As for the color palette of the Yubo logo, it has yellow as the main shade and black and white for additional elements. Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and summer mood, and this is what the social network tends to give to its users. While the black and white elements add some stability and professionalism to the overall image.