2GO Logo

2GO Travel is a large company, founded in 2012, which provides services including passenger ferry transportation in the Philippines. Its main base is headquartered in Pier 4 at the Manila North Harbor. The flights are mostly aimed at the mainland Asia, but also Oceania and other countries.

Meaning and History

Before the year 2012, the company had the name Negros Navigation Co (NeNaCo). Negros was ceased after the restructing of ferry transportation in 2012. The company 2GO was formed after NeNaCo merged with other giants of this sector in the country – SuperCat, SuperFerry and Cebu Ferries.

What is 2GO?
2GO is a Philippine-based logistics company that provides various services, including sea and air freight forwarding, express courier and delivery, warehousing, and supply chain solutions. With a strong presence in the country, 2GO plays a crucial role in facilitating trade and transportation across the Philippines and beyond.

2012 – Today

2GO Logo

The current logotype, which is being in use by 2GO Travel, depicts the name of the brand in purple color. The interesting feature of this logotype is the look of letter ‘G’. By its appearance, it resembles to the letter ‘C’ with an arrow on its tail.

Emblem and Symbol

The purple version of the logo is being used on the company’s official site and in the social media. But on the ships, the company often uses a white-colored variant without the word ‘Travel’. They also use other color palettes when these don’t fit the surroundings.