AeroLogic Logo

AeroLogic carries out air cargo transportation in Germany. The history of its creation began in 2004, when the organization of a joint venture between DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo began. The year of foundation is considered to be 2007, but only in 2009 the airline received the name AeroLogic. From 2007 to 2009, it already carried out cargo transportation, but did not have an official name or logo. The bulk of the airline’s fleet is made up of Boeing 777 aircraft.

Meaning and history

AeroLogic Logo

The company logo was unveiled on May 26, 2009 when it was officially announced. A distinctive feature of the logo is the absence of any complex details. It consists solely of the name of the airline. The carrier initially has regular customers, so there is no particular need for marketing campaigns.

The owners of the company did not have any special plans for creating an original design for the logo. This is due to the scope of the air carrier. The logo is characterized by simplicity, there are no hidden messages in it, the meaning of which must be disassembled.

Color and font

A distinctive feature of the logo is its simplicity, which is reflected in the choice of the font for writing the name of the company AeroLogic. A single style was used to write the name, the division is only by color. Dark gray is used to spell the word Aero, and yellow to write Logic. The logo has no additional elements. The logo is well remembered due to the fact that the name itself is short, and also the optimal combination of colors has been selected, creating the correct range.

You can mark the highlighting of the word Logic in yellow. It looks brighter and more noticeable than the first part of the company name. This is due to the goal of creating an air carrier, namely, to fulfill the logistics tasks of large transport companies. A fairly significant part of DHL parcels are delivered within Germany using AeroLogic services. A complete display of the essence of the company’s activities in a simple logo is a sign of its successful compilation.