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Air Berlin was the second-largest airline in Germany, operating the domestic and international flights in 162 destinations (on the moment of ceasing in 2017) to many countries of Europe and the world, including US, Russia, China and others. The main hubs and central offices were located in Berlin Tegel and Düsseldorf airports.

Meaning and History

Air Berlin Logo history

The company called Air Berlin USA was initially founded in the Western Germany, in the year 1978, by Lelco, the agricultural enterprise headquartered in Oregon. Air Berlin was meant to operate the charter flights to the Mediterranean holiday resorts. So, the name for the company was chosen simple, but associative with the sky – Air Berlin.

Who owns Air Berlin?
The company doesn’t exist anymore. When it still existed, it was a private entity owned by shareholders. Most shares were in the hands of the Etihad Airways airline.

1978 – 1986

Air Berlin Logo 1978

The first logotype, which was in use by the brand, had the sharp dark-red-and-blue triangular, reminding the tail of the plane. It covered the abbreviation ‘AB’ of the full company name. As for the whole name, so it was written along the triangle. It had the blue sans-serif typeface and the word ‘USA’ of the flag colors of this country.

1986 – 2008

Air Berlin Logo 1986

The following logotype consisted of the full dark-red emblem, depicted in three lines, and the capitalized inscription ‘Air-Berlin’, this time without the part ‘USA’. Due to the simple and clear style in the same time, this trademark was in use for 20 years, until it was modified one more time to the more minimalistic style, and with a bit changed the palette.

What is Air Berlin?
It was for the longest time one of the Germany’s largest airlines. In 2018, they ceased operations out of financial grievances.

2008 – today

Air Berlin Logo

As we’ve mentioned, the 2008 company trademark represented a more compact style than its predecessor. The familiar inscription represented the bright-red colored lowercase inscription with the company name. It was featured right side from the oval shaped figure of the same color, with two white lines and the circle inside it.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Air Berlin fly?
When it still lived, it traveled almost exclusively in Europe and United States. Germany, naturally, had the most locations.

Last years the company existed, it prepared to redesign its brand visual identity. The logotype, initially introduced in the year 2015, represented the red sans-serif inscription ‘AirBerlin’, written in the simple font with bent letter ‘A’. As for the emblem, it started featuring more lines.