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Air Mauritius is, pretty unsurprisingly, a primary airline from the island of Mauritius – a nation near Africa in the Indian Ocean. They are a rather successful airline for their size. The destinations will take you all over the world – from Europe to Africa to Asia and even Oceania.

Meaning and History

Air Mauritius Logo history

Like many of their counterparts, Air Mauritius was established around the time the country received independence from Great Britain. It (the establishment) happened in 1967, and the primary goal was to facilitate the tourism into the country, which, fortunately, they managed to do.

1967 – 2008

Air Mauritius Logo 1967

Rather simply, the initial logo portrayed the company name, as well as a bird right on top of it. Both elements were in bright red. The letters in the name were pretty blocky, thick and cumbersome (corrected later), and the bird had pretty much the same characteristics (also corrected later).

2008 – today

Air Mauritius Logo

These corrections happened in 2008. The inscription style was changed into a more fluid and elegant typeface. It was pretty sleek: tilted to one side and without any sharp corner. Moreover, the whole thing was in lowercase letters.

The bird was improved, too – it was now a lot more like a bird silhouette, rather than a squared depiction of a bird. But the main features remained.

Emblem and Symbol

On planes, the symbol and the writing are portrayed side-by-side, with another element – the bright flag of Mauritius – painted on closer to the vessel’s cabin. They don’t put their symbols on the rear of their planes, unlike many other airline companies across the world.