Air Vanuatu Logo

Air Vanuatu is a chief airline company from Vanuatu – a tiny island country in the Pacific. Although the country is very small, and the company subsequently doesn’t have any sort of large fleet, they managed to establish a tight network of flights between Oceania, the Pacific countries and Asia.

Meaning and History

The company was established in 1981, not long after the country received its independence – a common scenario across the world. Like with many other countries (like Kuwait, Kenya, etc.), they didn’t think long and simply created a company named after their own country to represent them in the air.

What is Air Vanuatu?
Air Vanuatu is the national flag carrier airline of Vanuatu. It provides domestic and international air travel services, connecting Vanuatu to various destinations in the Pacific region and beyond.

1981 – today

Air Vanuatu Logo

The logo is simply the airline’s name written in the region-specific style. It’s not terribly special to Vanuatu, but it gives an idea of a paint carefully arranged to create words – rather more elegantly then you could’ve imagined. It looks very stylish – the words are skewed and are sometimes written in a slightly haphazard way.

It’s supposed to give an idea of a tropical country, because that’s how a lot of signs and inscriptions are made there.

Emblem and Symbol

They don’t have a symbol per se. To decorate their planes, they usually put the brand name on it, paint the belly into some tropical image and put the word ‘Vanuatu’ from the logo proper onto a vertical stabilizer in the back – the tail, if you want to be less official about it.