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All Nippon Airways (ANA) is a leading Japanese airline founded by a merger of two companies: Far East Airlines and Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane. Established in Tokyo, ANA was created to enhance air transport convenience, connecting domestic and international destinations. It has grown into a global aviation player, known for its high-quality service and safety standards, contributing significantly to making the world more accessible.

Meaning and history

All Nippon Airways Logo history

All Nippon Airways (ANA) began in 1952, merging Far East Airlines and Japan Helicopter & Aeroplane, Tokyo-based. It aimed to connect Japan, enhancing travel. Initially, it focused on domestic routes, quickly expanding. By the 1970s, ANA ventured internationally, first to nearby Asian cities. The 1980s saw it become a major player, introducing Boeing 747s. In the 1990s, ANA expanded its global network, including the U.S. and Europe. The 2000s brought innovation, like the Dreamliner. ANA is renowned for service and safety, a leader in global aviation. Its journey reflects growth, innovation, and a commitment to connecting the world.

What is All Nippon Airways?
All Nippon Airways, often abbreviated as ANA, stands as a trailblazer in the skies of Japan, weaving a network that blankets the globe. Birthed from a union of pioneering aviation spirits in 1952, it sails through the clouds, offering a fusion of quintessential Japanese hospitality and cutting-edge air travel innovation.

1958 – 1982

All Nippon Airways Logo 1958

Encircled by bold lettering, the logo heralds Japan’s aviation ambassador, All Nippon Airways. At its heart, a stylized aircraft soars, its wings cutting through a crimson backdrop, symbolic of both a setting sun and Japan’s flag. This emblem encapsulates a legacy of flight, marrying the simplicity of modern design with the timeless call to adventure in the skies.

1982 – 1986

All Nippon Airways Logo 1982

The transformation from the previous logo is stark, symbolizing a modern pivot. “ANA” now stands proudly in white against a deep blue background, underscored by a horizon-like stripe of sky blue. This evolution represents a shift towards a more streamlined and contemporary corporate identity, echoing the airline’s innovative approach and its expansive skyward aspirations. The logo embodies both the infinite blue of the Japanese skies and the airline’s commitment to a global presence.

1986 – Today

All Nippon Airways Logo

The logo evolves yet again, with “ANA” now adorning a sharp italic slant, suggesting forward movement and dynamism. The color palette remains, with the addition of a gradient on the ‘A’, instilling a sense of depth and modernity. This subtle touch of gradient blue hints at the skies and seas that ANA’s fleet traverses. The logo’s new angle represents the airline’s progressive strides into the future of air travel.