Azzurra Air Logo

Azzurra Air was a short-lived Italian airline company that provided flights all over the Mediterranean region (and some outside it). This actively defined role of helping improve travel across the sea was interesting, but the company ultimately failed and was only able to facilitate flights to a limited number of countries.

Meaning and History

‘Azzurra’ means ‘azure’ in Italian. As you may guess, this adjective refers to the color of the sea – the Mediterranean Sea, to be precise. Most of the company’s destinations included countries in this region or those on the periphery (such as Portugal). They started in 1995 and discontinued flights in 2004.

What is Azzurra Air?
Azzurra Air is a regional airline based in Italy. It operates scheduled and charter flights primarily within Italy and to other European destinations. The airline focuses on providing convenient and affordable air travel options to passengers.

1995 – 2004

Azzurra Air Logo

The brand’s main logo portrayed a massive word ‘AZZURRA’ (all in capital letters), as well as a smaller ‘air’ (in lowercase letters, and generally much smaller) next to it. Both, however, were blue. The former also had a slight white inlay to each letter, as well as a red arrowhead where the blank space in ‘A’ would be.

Emblem and Symbol

The red part is obviously supposed to symbolize the airplanes, while the rest of the logo, colored in white and blue, is reminiscent of the sea. That the airplane is visibly flying over the letters is rather fitting. They would often put the ‘A’ with the airplane on it on the rear of their planes, in the absence of any other symbolic.