Bangkok Airways Logo

Bangkok Airways is a major East-Asian company operating out of Bangkok, Thailand. It’s not the biggest airline in the country or the region, but it’s one of the regionally significant flight providers who operate all over the Far Asia, including China, South-East Asia and Oceania.

Meaning and History

The company is active since 1968. It had a few alternative names over the years, including Sahakol Air a few others, but they eventually settled upon Bangkok Airways. This name gives a strong implication that all flights out of the Thai capital are conducted by this company, which is only mostly true.

What is Bangkok Airways?
Bangkok Airways is a regional airline based in Thailand. It operates both domestic and international flights to various destinations in Asia. The airline is known for its high-quality service and extensive route network within the region.

1968 – today

Bangkok Airways Logo

The company had their ‘flag’ symbol for the longest time. It displays a passive flag colored in blue, gold and red. This pattern doesn’t really belong to anything in the vicinity, surely not to Thailand or her capital. However, it’s likely that the colors are loosely inspired by the colors of Thailand and probably the neighboring countries.

Emblem and Symbol

The symbol of the flag is featured on the planes, particularly the read stabilizers. In addition to these, the planes are notorious for being very flamboyant. They are usually painted with various tropical and generally tourist images and symbols, so you’ll know instantly if a Bangkok Airways vessel flies overhead.