Belle Air Europe Logo

Belle Air is a formerly active Albanian airline company. For some reason, several years into the operation, they opened up a subsidiary in Italy that basically did the same job as them – that is, arrange low-cost flights all over Europe. They went out of business almost simultaneously.

Meaning and History

The parent company was opened in 2005, while the ‘Europe’ subsidiary appeared in 2009, just 4 years later. By all accounts, the name doesn’t suggest anything, and is only meant to inspire something fascination. In French, ‘belle’ means ‘beauty’, but it really has nothing to do with flying.

What is Belle Air Europe?
Belle Air Europe was an Albanian airline company that operated from 2005 to 2013. It provided domestic and international flights to various destinations in Europe. However, the company ceased operations due to financial difficulties.

2009 – 2013

Belle Air Europe Logo

Belle Air Europe used the same logo the parent company had: the words ‘Belle Air’ written in the plain lowercase letters next to a butterfly emblem.

The two colors the logo had are orange and blue. The two words were given their own color each, and the butterfly – a simplistic depiction sitting right next to an orange circle – was completely blue (or at least the lines that highlighted it against the background).

Emblem and Symbol

They usually put the butterflies from their logo right onto the tails of their planes. That made them easily recognizable. The emblems were comprehensive because the body of the plane was completely white, save for some colored elements (like the writing on the side and more).