INVAP is an Argentine organization that researches and produces equipment for various high-tech fields, including projects in nuclear, aerospace, medical and energy departments. They are owned by the government and tasked by them to work in these areas, as well as provide assistance to other countries.

Meaning and History

INVAP was founded by the Argentine government and various scientists in the year 1976. Their very name suggest a scientific background, seeing how it stands for ‘investigación aplicada’ (applied research) in Spanish. As of now, they’ve finished multiple physics-oriented projects for various countries.

What is INVAP?
INVAP is an Argentinean company specializing in high-tech engineering, research, and development. It has expertise in the fields of nuclear technology, space systems, and advanced technology solutions. With a strong reputation for innovation and quality, INVAP has successfully delivered projects both domestically and internationally.

1976 – today


The logo is simply the organization’s name written in big capital letters. They are all mundane, except for the ‘A’ and ‘V’ parts – these are tilted and elongated for aesthetic purposes. The color they chose is green because a lot of their projects have much to do with biology and medicine.

Emblem and Symbol

There isn’t an additional emblem that would be used to identify the property that belongs to the organization; they simply mark all of their stuff with the ‘INVAP’ inscription. The closest alternative is their URL – – but that’s also not an emblem, just an address.