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Island Airlines was once a company which provided services of hourly regular flights between the island of Nantucket and Hyannis, Massachusetts, headquartering in the Barnstable’s airport, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1930 and functioned until December 2015.

Meaning and History

When it was founded in 1930 by Milton Hersberger, the company had the name of ‘Erie Isle Airways’. In the year 1953 it was renamed as Sky Tours. Finally, the company received the last name in 1991. This time, it reflected the company’s nature as transport between Nantucket and mainland.

1991 – today

Island Airlines Logo

Before the year 1991 there was no such need for branding of the company. In 1991, they started to create the visual identity of Island Airlines. For example, there was made a logo that was in use until the quit of the company’s operations in 2015.

This logotype depicted the gray-colored and capitalized inscription ‘Island Airlines’, placed above the red explanation: ‘Nantucket’s community airline’. There was also the emblem with initials of the company on the left side.

Emblem and Symbol

This emblem we’ve mentioned represented the white initials ‘I A’, with the stripped lines in the center part of each character. All this was depicted on the background of a red figure, repeating the form of the plane’s tail. Properly, this emblem was being in use on the company planes’ tails only.