Kawasaki Aerospace Company Logo

Kawasaki is a giant engineering conglomerate in Japan, and Kawasaki Aerospace is one of the key subsidiaries in this family. Their efforts are mostly aimed at constructing aircraft: planes, helicopters and parts of these – mostly for military, although the civil branch is also flourishing.

Meaning and History

Kawasaki Aerospace Company Logo history

The company was created in 1918 when the higher-standing Kawasaki Heavy Industries decided to invest into the production of airplanes as a follow-up to the First World War, where the domination of air eventually proved highly useful. The name is obviously derived from the founder’s family name.

1961 – 1967

Kawasaki Aerospace Company Logo 1961

The Kawasaki conglomerate was always highly associated with the automotive industry. In 1967, they universally adopted the first real logo. It was a black trek with white lines along its curvature. Its trek resembled a letter ‘P’ (for no reason) if it was mirrored and rotated.

There were two more details, namely: the word ‘Kawasaki’ written in white in the top right part of the logotype, and a white flag with the orange rims and flagpole. In its center was also an orange glyph. The glyph (川) is the first symbol in the company name, although it’s styled differently from the usual depictions.

1967 – today

Kawasaki Aerospace Company Logo

The 1967 logo is an iconic image Kawasaki used for most of recent history. It’s simply a brand name written in the plain black letters, topped by a looming red capital ‘K’. Notably, it has strange proportions and some bizarre design choices, but at least it’s recognizable.

Emblem and Symbol

The company still often uses their first glyph (川) for an emblem sometimes. In these instances, it’s usually used alone, although the colors can be near anything – the most common one is black. They sometime use it for domestic market, but even there the official logo is more dominant.