Kuwait Airways Logo

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Kuwait Airways is the main airline company in the State of Kuwait – a rather rich kingdom in the Middle East. The country is positioned on the crossroads between India, Europe, the rest of the Middle East and Africa. So, you’d imagine how successful this company is.

Meaning and History

Kuwait Airways Logo history

The airline was established in 1953, when the country was still governed by the British. They brought a lot of their own expertise, which is why the company is still amongst the longest-enduring in the region. It wasn’t always just Kuwait Airways – this name was fully adopted in 1959, however.

1980 – 2016

Kuwait Airways Logo 1980

The first logo, adopted in the 1980s, featured the full company name – Kuwait Airways – crowned by the same words, but in Arabic. Both inscriptions were in black. Above, they had a thick blue line, framed by to thinner, darker lines.

And lastly, they had a symbol of a bird they used as an emblem. This image basically amounted to two dark blue strokes that looked ultimately like a buffet fork.

2016 – today

Kuwait Airways Logo

In 2016, they rearranged the logo a bit. The text was now three layers: the Arabic name (that was shortened to just ‘Kuwait’), the word ‘Kuwait’ in English, and the word ‘Airways’ in smaller letters. Everything was repainted to darker blue, although the emblem was given a slight degree of gradient.

It retained its shape, but the colors shifted from head to tail – they gradually bleached.

Emblem and Symbol

As you understand, Kuwait Airways uses the color blue as their primary now. However, they don’t put their emblem onto the tails of their planes. Instead, they choose to paint their engines, and the tail is given a vast blue plumage of sorts. These planes are actually notorious for being rather littered in terms of visual elements.