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Level Airlines is a Spanish low-cost brand of airlines. What it means is that multiple airlines brand their planes with Level livery. It doesn’t mean they all become part of Level; they just operate under the name and branding. All the companies that do so belong to the International Airlines Group.

What is Level?
It’s a Spanish budget airline. It’s one of the cheaper flying options in the country.

Meaning and History

The brand was created in 2017 by the IAG conglomerate. IAG is a merger of Iberia and British Airways, which are amongst the biggest airlines in Western Europe. Basically, their low-cost subsidiaries come together and provide services under this name. What prompted this choice of name is unclear.

Who owns Level?
The company is owned by the International Airlines Group. Basically, it means Iberia Airlines in this instance.

2017 – today

Level Logo

Their emblem is a square with two equal horizontal stripes of blue (above) and green (below). It’s also usually accompanied by a name writing, which basically just says ‘Level’ in black capital letters somewhere around the emblem. The font is a standard linear sans-serif of average boldness.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Level fly?
Most of their destinations are in Americas, weirdly. They particularly like the United States, but there are also many locations in Latin America.

They usually paint the rears of their planes in the same pattern they use on the emblem – the green below, and the blue above. Right over the separation line, they commonly write the brand name in the same font and style as on the logo, except white. That is, they also place the logo itself closer to the cabin.