Mango Logo

Mango Airlines is a small budget airline from South Africa. It was created in 2006 as a subsidiary of South African Airways – the biggest flight provider in the country. Mango has a tiny fleet and operates across just a handful of South African cities, as well as one or two destinations abroad.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 2006 by the bosses of the South African Airways. The name was likely chosen because of the mango fruit itself. It’s orange, and orange has long been associated with this country. Since 2016, the company has temporarily ceased operations because of financial difficulties.

Who owns Mango?
Mango is owned by the South African Airlines. This company is a flag carrier for the titular country.

2006 – today

Mango Logo

The company’s logo is a big orange rectangle with the company name written on it. The letters are mostly black, with white outlines and a green inlay (in the case of the ‘O’). The style is rather childish and lighthearted. The letters seem to be painted manually by the designer.

What is Mango?
It’s a low-cost airline that provides services across South Africa. However, as of 2021 it’s frozen.

There are also several green blots on the logotype’s right side. Moreover, the green innards of the last letter also create a shape of a heart inside.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Mango fly?
Their services were and are almost exclusive to South Africa. The only other worthwhile destination was in Tanzania.

The logo is used on the company’s plains in full, although not exactly as portrayed above. They are rather fond of the heart shape they have in the end, and the whole word is specifically aligned so that the last letter would be right on the plane’s rear, while also enlarging the letter.