MenaJet Logo

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Menajet was a regional airline from Lebanon that mostly conducted flights to the other Middle-Eastern countries, as well as Europe. Their goal was generally to reinforce the tourism flow into the country. For several years they were doing just that, but then went bankrupt in 2010.

Meaning and History

The airline was founded in 2003 as a minor participant in the market. They weren’t as big as some other Lebanese airlines, but they were still influential enough. The name is likely derived from the Arabic word for ‘port’ – which was a way of marketing the company as a gateway to Mediterranean.

2003 – today

MenaJet Logo

The central piece of the company logo is the word ‘port’ in Arabic (مينا). They wrote it using the three lines that converge with one another on the tips of the letters and spread out throughout the inscription. It’s also slightly skewed clockwise and compressed from the sides to make it more compact.

On the left, they wrote the name proper – Menajet – in the same blue color, but in the ordinary style. Notably, the letters are all lowercase, and they also added their slogan, the ‘pure travel’ in the similar font right below.

The choice behind the colors is probably referring to the Mediterranean, seeing how most of the destinations crossed it anyway.

Emblem and Symbol

The English name for the airline is an official name, but probably not what it’s known to the strictly Arabic speakers. For them, it’s just ‘port’ or something along those lines. Even the English lettering for it colors the ‘jet’ part in a different, paler shade of blue. It also features on the planes exterior on a bigger scale.