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Qatar Airways is a major Middle Eastern airline company, as well as the Qatar’s flag carrier. Most of their destinations are scattered across Europe, but Qatar Airways still flies all over the globe, and they are considered one of the most productive airline companies throughout the world.

Meaning and History

Qatar Airways Logo history

The company was founded in 1993 by the Qatar government, while also having ties to the Qatar royal family. Initially, they only operated in the Middle East – primarily, in the Arab countries. Over time, they’ve started extending services to other Asian countries, thus facilitating the tourism influx into their homeland.

Who owns Qatar Airways?
The company is owned by the government of Qatar. Qatar, for its part, is a rather small country off the Arabian Peninsula.

1993 – 1997

Qatar Airways Logo 1993

The 1993 design depicted a dark purple square with a white illustration inside (the two of them are Qatar’s national colors). The illustration depicts a head of an Arabian Oryx – a type of antelope regarded as the emirate’s national animal – put inside a simply ring. The depiction is rather minimalistic and lacks much nuance.

1997 – 2007

Qatar Airways Logo 1997

In 1997, they introduced a more detailed logo. In its very top was the antelope’s head again – now facing left, drawn with more effort and painted a brighter shade of purple. Behind it were some grey lines arranged into a circle that acted as the background.

What is Qatar Airways?
It’s one of the most prominent airlines in the Middle East. They were created specifically to encourage traveling to Qatar.

There were several pieces of writing right below: the words ‘Qatar Airways’ in purple and grey respectively and the same thing, except in the Arabian script (also purple). The style for all of them was rather straightforward and linear.

2007 – today

Qatar Airways Logo

In 2007, they rearranged the logo layout. The antelope emblem was now bigger and put on the right of the name inscriptions. These, for their part, were shuffled so that ‘Qatar’ was on top, and the rest were below it, aligned on the right. The font changed to a rather more thin and sophisticated style, but that’s about it.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Qatar Airways fly?
The airline can take you to almost any continent on Earth. However, they really prefer to travel around the Middle East.

A beloved logo variation they occasionally use depicted the same logo as the one they started using in 2007. It’s the same layout and design, except all the colored parts are painted in white and placed into a purple rectangle. They are very fond of the purple: usually just about half of their planes’ hulls are purple.