Sunwing Airlines Logo

Sunwing is one of the Canada’s several minor airline companies. Sunwing in particular is a low-cost option that flies all over the Western Hemisphere, despite having a rather small fleet size, compared to similar airlines. Still, they conduct a lot of flies for their small volume, which is commendable.

Meaning and History

Sunwing Airlines started operations in 2005, and they are still going strong. It seems that they conduct flies to as far as South America, which is perhaps one of the reasons why they received this name – there’s not a lot of sun in Canada, as you doubtless know. But it may just be a positive image for the sake of branding.

What is Sunwing Airlines?
Sunwing Airlines is a Canadian leisure airline that specializes in vacation travel. It offers scheduled and charter flights to various popular destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and the United States. With its all-inclusive vacation packages and excellent customer service, Sunwing Airlines caters to the needs of leisure travelers.

2005 – today

Sunwing Airlines Logo

The logo is just the name of the company, written in small orange letters, slightly tilted to the right. There’s nothing out-of-ordinary about them. On top of the letter ‘i’ is the sun, drawn as if by hand (although not on the same level as the dot supplanted by this symbol). However, it’s simplistic, childish, and, therefore, cute.

Emblem and Symbol

There is a secondary image used by the company to decorate their planes. The logo as described above is usually placed on the tail, while the sun alone also often decorates the engines. However, they often put the company’s website address – – in orange letters on the side of the main bodies.