Total Linhas Aéreas Logo

Total Linhas Aereas is a minor airline that mostly just transports cargo and provides charter flights all over Brazil. It’s a small company used for local transportation. There are only three passenger destinations you can take with this company, and these destinations aren’t particularly popular.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1988 as an air taxi service. The final name they adopted sounds like ‘Total Linhas Aereas’, which in Portuguese means ‘Total Airlines’ or something along those lines. The company actually used to be bigger, when it was in merger with another similarly sized company called TRIP Airlines.

What is Total Linhas Aéreas?
Total Linhas Aéreas is a Brazilian airline company that provides domestic and international flights. It offers passenger and cargo transportation services, operating a fleet of aircraft to serve various destinations.

1988 – today

Total Linhas Aéreas Logo

The logotype used by Total shows the first word of their name in black capital letters. They are soft and pretty simplistic – so much so, the ‘A’ letters don’t even have the lines in the middle. The ‘O’, for its part, is riddled with two red-and-white waves, for no apparent reason.

The other nuance of the logo is the small lettering that says Linhas Aereas’ below the main part – the font here is similar, although the letters are red and thinner and the ones above.

Emblem and Symbol

As a distinct emblem, the company uses their stylistic ‘O’ letter. They decorate their planes with it – in particular, the vertical stabilizers are often painted with it, alone and separated from the rest of the name. The name itself still has this distinct design for their ‘O’ letter, too.