TUI fly Netherlands Logo

TUI fly Netherlands is a Dutch airline company that belongs to the German travel corporation called TUI. This airline has a sizeable operation, as well as a trustworthy reputation. However, their history is shaky and unstable. As we know it now, they’ve only established operations in 2005.

Meaning and History

TUI fly Netherlands Logo history

TUI fly Netherlands is a part of a large TUI conglomerate. It also includes many more airlines from across Europe, alongside the Dutch division. Before being renamed TUI in 2015, however, the company was known as ArkeFly. And even before that, they had several more names.

2005 – 2015

TUI fly Netherlands Logo 2005

Before being renamed to TUI, the airline was known as ArkeFly. The logo was matching – it was the company name written as one, but divided into two parts by the coloring scheme. The part ‘Arke’ was red, while the ‘fly’ was often pale blue. The name was styled as ‘Arkefly’ for the logo.

It was accompanied by an emblem – a red curve that was likely supposed to resemble a smile. They also put a red dot right above the tip closest to the writing. So it looks like a grin with one closed eye.

2015 – today

TUI fly Netherlands Logo

They didn’t change much when they renamed the company. The part ‘Arke’ now said ‘TUI’ in exactly the same color and font. Notably, there was now a slight interval between the two parts. The letters in the second part became thinner, and the color switched to a darker tone of blue.

Emblem and Symbol

The ‘smiley’ emblem doesn’t belong to just this division. All TUI companies use it, including TUI itself. The airlines usually put this symbol on the back of their planes – right onto the vertical stabilizer. It’s not helpful, because you don’t really see which of the TUI companies the plane belongs to, but the big office doesn’t seem to mind.