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UVT Aero (Russian: South-East Tatarstani Aero) is a relatively new airline of the Republic of Tatarstan, carrying out regular passenger transportation in the southeast of Tatarstan and across Russia. In addition, UVT provides services such as airmail, charter orders, transportation of children unaccompanied by adults,  group transportation, transportation of animals/birds, and booking a comfortable seat on the plane. UVT Aero has repeatedly received the title of one of the most punctual airlines from Domodedovo Airport. About 150 thousand passengers use the services of this airline annually.

Meaning and History

It was created in 2015 as a successor to the bankrupt Tatarstani airline called Ak Bars Aero (Bugulma Aviation Enterprise) with the participation of the Republican Cabinet of Ministers.  In mid-July of the same year, the airline launched ticket sales. The first flight was on July 17th from Bugulma to Moscow and back. The main goal was to facilitate travel between Tatarstan and other regions of Russia, in which they succeeded. Initially, the aircraft fleet consisted of only eight well-worn Canadian Bombardier (Bombardier CRJ100/200) aircraft. Now, the aircraft fleet of UVT-Aero consists of 100% Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft. This might change, though, as the UVT Aero and more than two dozen Russian air carriers were blacklisted by the European Union, USA, Canada, and other countries in 2022.  This means that they are not only unable to fly to European countries, but also cannot supply spare parts (Bombardier concern is based in Canada).

What is UVT Aero?
UVT Aero (South-East Tatarstan Aero) is a Russia-based airline headquartered in the region of Tatarstan.  It is a regional airline that performs domestic and international scheduled and charter air transportation of passengers, as well as provides other aviation services. The airline is based at Kazan International Airport and Bugulma Airport.

2015 – today

UVT Aero Logo

The UVT logo is comprised of two main parts: an emblem and a wordmark. The emblem is a round red shape that depicts a long curved object. It’s supposed to be a plane, although it’s more like a rocket. There’s also a spiral coming out from its tail and going around the image to its other side, creating a circle of sorts. The wordmark is comprised of dark blue letters arranged into an acronym ‘UVT’ and the word ‘aero’ (fully lowercase) next to it. Both used a soft, pleasant font with rounded corners. The letters in both portions of the wordmark are italicized.

Font and Color

UVT Aero Emblem

The company uses the same font for the whole wordmark. The UVT initials are done in uppercase letters, while the word “aero” is written using lowercase letters. The unique feature of the font used is the combination of rounded corners and ends with straight ones. The wordmark features a deep blue color, which has always been associated with sky, freedom, loyalty, stability, security, and trust. There is also a bright red element, which creates good contrast and captures the attention.