UVT Aero Logo

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What is UVT Aero Logo

UVT Aero (Russian: South-East Tatarstani Aero) is a Russia-based airline headquartered in the region of Tatarstan. It was created in 2015 as a successor to the bankrupt Tatarstani airline called Ak Bars Aero. The main goal was to facilitate travel between Tatarstan and other regions of Russia, in which they succeeded.

Meaning and History

2015 – today

UVT Aero Logo

The UVT logo is comprised of two main parts: the emblem and the wordmark. The emblem is a round red shape that depicts a long curved object. It’s supposed to be a plane, although it’s more like a rocket. There’s also a spiral coming out from its tail and circumventing the image onto its other side, creating a circle of sorts.

The wordmark is comprised of dark blue letters arranged into an acronym ‘UVT’ and the word ‘aero’ (fully lowercase) next to it. Both used a soft, pleasant font with rounded corners. The letters in both portions were also tilted to the side.