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Westjet Airlines is a Canadian low-cost carrier. Clive Beddoe and a team of partners founded the airline. They established it in the province of Alberta. The founders aimed to provide affordable travel options to Canadians.

Meaning and History

Westjet Airlines Logo history

Westjet started in 1996, founded by Clive Beddoe and team, aiming to offer low-cost Canadian flights. It debuted with three aircraft, serving five cities. Growth was swift, transforming from a regional service to a national presence. By 2001, it launched its frequent flyer program. In 2004, it ventured internationally, flying to the U.S. The airline kept expanding, adding the Boeing 767 in 2016 to fly overseas.

What is Westjet Airlines?
Westjet Airlines is known for being Canada’s second-largest airline. It operates an extensive network providing economical travel. The airline emphasizes customer service and offers scheduled as well as charter air service to destinations around the world.

1996 – 2016

WestJet Airlines Logo 1996

The Westjet Airlines logo features a bold, italicized typeface with a gradient of dark blue to turquoise. The letters “WEST” are in darker blue, creating a sense of depth. The “JET” part transitions to a lighter blue, suggesting motion and flight. The logo’s final extends and morphs into a swoosh that ascends upwards to the right, symbolizing an airplane’s ascent. The design conveys dynamism and forward momentum, in line with the airline’s ethos of progress and expansion. Overall, the logo is modern, sleek, and designed to be easily recognizable, reflecting the brand’s commitment to efficient and accessible air travel.

2016 – 2018

WestJet Airlines Logo 2016

The updated Westjet Airlines logo maintains the italicized, bold lettering, but now includes a graphic element. Next to the “T,” a stylized maple leaf in turquoise is bisected by a darting arrow, evoking a sense of direction and purpose. This emblem not only pays homage to Westjet’s Canadian roots with the national symbol but also injects a sense of dynamism, representing the airline’s commitment to swift and forward-thinking service. The color scheme remains a gradient, now adding a touch of national identity with the maple leaf. The design is streamlined and contemporary, aiming to project a refreshed brand identity that respects its heritage while looking to the future.

2018 – Today

WestJet Airlines Logo

In this evolution of the Westjet logo, the gradient has been removed for a solid color scheme. The typeface retains its similarity but shows more refinement and consistent coloration, featuring a deep blue shade that could signify trustworthiness and dependability. A vibrant teal color distinguishes the maple leaf motif, boosting visibility and contrast. The leaf’s design, more stylized now, exhibits sharp angles that convey a sense of modernity and precision. Including a thunderbolt-like figure, the leaf enhances the logo’s dynamism. The refreshed logo maintains the brand’s core identity but trims down elements to align with modern aesthetics and amplify visual appeal.