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ABX Air is engaged in air cargo transportation, its main customer is the DHL corporation. Because of this, the vast majority of ABX aircraft are painted in the red and yellow DHL livery. The company began operations in 1980 under the name Airborne Express, following the takeover of other airline companies. Further changes and mergers in 2003 led to the fact that the company received its modern name ABX Air, as well as a recognizable logo.

Meaning and history

ABX Air Logo

The ABX Air logo consists of three elements. The first capital letter A represents not only the letter, but also the runway, above which there is another important element – the airplane. The rest of the lettering is in a different style compared to the first letter. Since the company’s appearance in its present form in 2003, no changes have been made to the logo.

Color and font

ABX Air is written in a single font, except for the first letter A, which can be considered a drawing rather than a letter. The font is somewhat wavy, this can be understood as the effect of air movement from an airplane taking off along the runway, which is the first letter A.

The font comes in two different colors. The most common variant is where the aircraft and the letters BX Air are shown in black, and the first letter A is red, which can be regarded as a symbol of movement. The letter helps the plane to take off, its pointed upper part can be perceived as a direction indicator. Thus, the company emphasizes that fast and high-quality delivery of goods is the basis of its work.

The second option is black and white, it is used less often. Here the aircraft and the company name ABX Air are shown in white, and the background color is black. In terms of the outline, this version of the logo is no different from the first, the first letter A in the name of the company also represents the runway in appearance. In both colors, the ABX Air logo is perfectly legible.