AerSale Logo

The American company AerSale is active in the secondary market for commercial jet aircraft and engines. It also provides maintenance and overhaul services for air vehicles. There are many dependent and independent airlines among its clients. Services are in demand due to their high quality. AerSale has all the necessary certifications to carry out this type of activity.

Meaning and history

AerSale Logo

AerSale was founded in 2008, in the same year it got its official logo, which has not undergone any changes. The idea of ​​the logo is simple, yet it perfectly reflects the business of the engine supplier. There are two main elements in the logo. One of them is the name of the company AerSale. It is in the center.

The second element of the logo is the turbine, which symbolizes what the company does, that is, the sale of engines, maintenance and repairs. The outer part of the turbine is blue, the inner grille is white. The turbine in the logo plays the role of a background; in the places where the letters are located, it is absent.

Color and font

To write the name of the company in the logo, a simple and understandable font is used. This ensures excellent readability and brand awareness. AerSale is focused on the international market, therefore it is extremely important that its logo is understandable in any country where there is a demand for air transportation. When creating the logo, this task was fully solved.

The chosen color scheme is neutral. If blue and white colors are used to depict the turbine, then the inscription is made in black and blue. For an air vehicle service company, there is no need for a colorful logo to use to promote a brand. It is also worth noting that the use of shades of blue is traditional in the airline industry. Blue can be called a symbol of a clear cloudless sky.