Air Austral Logo

Air Austral is a French airline company located in the French of Reunion in Indian Ocean. They have a regional significance as an airline that connects Reunion to the rest of France, as well as conducts between the countries in the Indian Ocean, including some that border it. They are a small yet crucial airline.

Meaning and History

Air Austral Logo history

The company was born in 1974 and was formerly known as Air Reunion, after the island where it was founded. It wasn’t until 1990 that they renamed the airline into Air Austral – the last word means ‘Southern’ in France. They are called so because they are the only worthwhile French airline that operates in the Indian Ocean.

1990 – 2014

Air Austral Logo 1990

The initial Air Austral logo depicted two letters ‘A’ standing back to back in the middle, surrounded on both sides by two trapezoids lined up to meet the curvature of the letters. Below this thing was the full name of the company, written in the plain sans-serif script. Everything on this logo was turquoise – the color of the sea.

2014 – today

Air Austral Logo

In 2014, they remodeled the logo to be more concise. The emblem was now just a blue arrowhead, or a letter ‘V’, alternatively. Technically, it’s just two blue tick marks, and it’s unclear what they are supposed to be.

The inscription below, for its turn, was simply made slimmer than before and colored a darker shade of blue. Nothing much changed about it.

Emblem and Symbol

Unlike many other airlines, Air Austral doesn’t use their emblems to decorate the tails of their planes. Instead, they cover them in various tropical landscapes. There are many variations, and they aren’t particularly inclined to just pick one to feature on all of their vessels.