Air Bagan Logo

The air carrier mainly carried out passenger transportation to major cities in Myanmar, as well as some settlements in Thailand. There were about twenty destinations on the Air Bagan route map, including Mandalay, Chiang Mai, Haiho, and Sittwe. The air fleet of the airline was quite modest and consisted of only 7 aircraft, including ATR, Fokker, and Airbus. There were plans to add more modern planes, but they stayed only as goals on paper. For regular customers, the airline offered the Royal Lotus Plus loyalty program, which provided discounts for passengers on domestic flights.

Meaning and History

Air Bagan is an airline that was established in June 2004, although it did not have any international flights until early 2007. The company was owned by Htoo Trading Co. Ltd. and headquartered in Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. The Air Bagan was aimed at the internal segment from the first days, with flights being made to the largest cities of the country. In addition to domestic flights to various regions of Myanmar, Air Bagan tried to expand to international destinations, but it was not long before it received a ban from most destinations, with the exception of Thailand. In August 2015, Air Bagan announced that it had suspended all flights and in August 2018, it lost its license.

What is Air Bagan?
This is Myanmar’s national carrier. The company has two base airports in the country and mainly focused on numerous local flights, partially due to restrictions from the other countries. Like many other Myanmar airlines, for instance, Air Bagan was under US sanctions, preventing US citizens from doing business with the company.

2004 – 2015

Air Bagan Logo

The designers used a pleasant menthol shade of green for the Air Bagan logo. The brand name “Air Bagan” is written in two typefaces. The first word is done in smaller and thicker font with the letters positioned very close together. The word “Bagan” follows right after the first word and the curve of the letter “B” even goes slightly under the “R”. The font looks like beautiful cursive writing with some of the letters being interconnected. The slanted letters of the word “Bagan” remind of oriental motifs and add lightness, which is more than appropriate for an air carrier. On the right side of the name, there is an image resembling the top of the Bagan temple, which is a local attraction known throughout the world. It is done off-white color and placed on a green trapezoid shape. The image is quite large in comparison to the name.

Font and color

The whole logo of the airline is done using a light shade of green with some white elements. The green color is a symbol of safety, growth, and stability. The overall color consistency gives an impression of reliability. The company decided to use a simple font in combination with some delicate handwriting that features italicized lettering with varying thickness of the lines. Thanks to a different font as well as larger letters, an accent is made on the word “Bagan”. At the same time, the first word is written in bold, which balances out the rather heavy image on the right.