Air Jamaica Logo

Air Jamaica was the primary airline company from Jamaica, which is a country located in the Caribbean. As such, it mostly conducted flights across the islands of this region, as well as countries in North America, South America and Europe. It was never really a sizeable company, but its role diminished by 2011, and 4 years later it shut down.

Meaning and History

Air Jamaica Logo history

The company started operations in 1968, although historically it had several precursors. Air Jamaica, however, became the first successful airline company in the newly-independence state of Jamaica (gained independence from Britain in 1962). Sadly, they had to close the operations down in 2015.

1968 – 1987

Air Jamaica Logo 1969

The first logo of the company featured the company again, paired with the emblem made for a new national airline company.

The emblem featured the country’s national bird – the swallow tail hummingbird. It’s a small, slim avian creature with a long twin tail, bigger than the bird’s remaining body. They took its likeness and put it in the center of a red circle. The bird’s silhouette was subsequently painted yellow for contrast.

The name of the company, for its part, was usually painted dark red and written almost completely in lowercase (barring the big letter ‘J’) and without any intervals between the letters.

1987 – today

Air Jamaica Logo

In 1987, the coloring change followed. Primarily, the dominant color was now blue – both the circle and the word ‘Jamaica’ was repainted in accordance with this new principle. The ‘air’ part was usually given a pink color after 1987. Barring that, there were no apparent changes.

Emblem and Symbol

Air Jamaica Emblem

The hummingbird emblem was usually put on the tail of the planes – primarily, onto the vertical stabilizers. The latest designs pictured it without the blue circle on which it’d be put usually. Instead, the entire tail was colored blue with several rays of pink going placed horizontally through the bird.