Avianca Costa Rica Logo

Avianca is now a major flight conglomerate in Latin America, with subsidiaries all over the continent. Avianca Costa Rica is, unsurprisingly, their Costa Rican subsidiary. They are a small fleet that operates flights mostly between the United States and the countries of Central America.

Meaning and History

Avianca Costa Rica history

The company was initially launched in 1945, although it was called LACSA (aka Airlines of Costa Rica) back then. Later on, LACSA was acquired by TACA – another big conglomerate at the time. TACA, for its part, was merged with Avianca in 2010, which is how this company came to be known as Avianca Costa Rica.

1945 – 1969

Avianca Costa Rica Logо 1945

The first logo was a just a combination of blue (on occasions, red) serif letters. They were generally thick but with some thin lines here and there. Notably, they were heavily tilted to the right, which was highlighted by the pointy strokes that sprouted from the tops of the letters and faced right.

1969 – 1979

Avianca Costa Rica Logo 1969

In around 1969, they changed the logo to a much simpler style. These were now universally thin and almost identically wide. Normally, they colored these blue, but there were tons of exceptions down the years. They also were fond of putting emblems to the left of the acronym (such as an arrowhead, most prominently).

1979 – 2013

Avianca Costa Rica Logo 1979

This logo was reminiscent of the Costa Rican flag – blue, white and red stripes mirrored horizontally. This design was what the letter ‘L’ in this logo was based on. The stem was designed in these colors, except for an appendage on the right. The rest of the letters were in a rather abrupt serif style.

Below them was a title – ‘The Airline of Costa Rica’ – in the same color, but a different, much thinner and plainer style of letters.

2013 – today

Avianca Costa Rica Logo

In 2013, they changed their whole design to that of Avianca, with very little change. The logo was now a basic red name with no unordinary additions. On the right was a bird (that was really just 2 red wings and a head, with black space between), and that’s it.

Emblem and Symbol

The bird symbol is universal for all Avianca subsidiaries since 2013. They don’t get to add something else, nor can they change the way this emblem is portrayed on the planes or elsewhere. They always put it in the front of the plane just as it’s portrayed on the logo itself.