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Beechcraft is a major manufacturer of airplanes from America. They are particularly apt at making small jets, although they boast a multitude of products, including several successful military airplanes. Over time, they’ve been a subsidiary of various companies – now, of Textron.

Meaning and History

The company was started in 1932 by the engineer named William Beech. They often called it ‘Beechcrafts’ in the earlier stages, which basically means ‘Products of Beech’. Although being rather successful since the 50s, the company has become very celebrated under Raytheon in the 80s.

What is Beechcraft?
Beechcraft is an American aircraft manufacturing company that specializes in the production of general aviation and military aircraft. Known for its Beechcraft King Air and Bonanza models, Beechcraft has a rich history in the aviation industry and continues to deliver high-quality aircraft worldwide.

1950 – today

Beechcraft Logo

Their iconic logo first appeared in the 1950s in one of the variations. It’s simply a company name written in a peculiar font – serif with many twists, twirls and other elements that make it very akin to many cursive typefaces, although not quite. The usual color is red now, but it had various palettes over the years.

What it also changed throughout the history is small details. During the Raytheon era (1980-2007), for instance, they had ‘A Raytheon Company’ inscription located just below the main thing. The general appearance of the logo changed little, however.

Emblem and Symbol

Although their planes preferred to go emblem-free since the dawn of this company, the latest models have usually been branded by a small iconic ‘B’ imprint, just like it’s seen on the official logo. Normally, they place it on the very rear of the plane, in the middle of the otherwise perfectly white background, which makes it easy to remove.