CAL Cargo Air Lines Logo

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CAL Cargo is a major cargo airline from Israel. Despite being relatively small in many aspects, they manage to fly all over Europe and Asia. They are also considered one of the most crucial airlines in Israel, despite all. Their destinations list includes several cargo hubs with good conditions for a line of work such as theirs.

Meaning and History

The airline was created in Tel Aviv in the year 1976, although they also have strong ties with Belgium. The name is directly derived from the company’s airline callsign – ‘CAL’. It’s commonly used for identification, but CAL decided to include it into the official name. It’s not clear why their callsign is CAL, if you’re wondering.

1976 – today

CAL Cargo Air Lines Logo

The official logo depicts the company’s full name ‘CAL Cargo Airlines’ written in all capital letters, where the acronym is painted dark blue, while the rest of the letters are turquoise. The font isn’t particularly unique – it’s a simple sans-serif typeface, slightly tilted to the left.

The emblem is a sort of warped triangular shape with a tricolor sequence inside. The colors are, as follows: pale turquoise, cyan and dark blue. It is warped in the sense that its longest side is curved inwards, and the left side is tilted, so it’s not by any means a triangle, but it looks like one.

Emblem and Symbol

They usually paint the vertical stabilizer in the same style as their emblem, although there it’s obviously not the same shape. The stabilizers are trapezoid, so you can only fit some part of that emblem onto it. In this instance, the emblem actually fits well – the lines are almost parallel to the shape of a stabilizer.