Cargojet Logo

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Cargojet is a major Canadian airline. Unlike many, however, their planes are only transporting cargo. They are, in fact, the biggest and most influential cargo airline in this country. They are also operating throughout America, where they also have an impact on cargo transportation.

Meaning and History

Cargojet commenced operations in the year 2002, assembled from the remains of the passenger airline that preceded it. They didn’t think too long about, although that arguably gives them an advantage. The name basically means ‘cargo-plane’, which is very comprehensive for everyone.

What is Cargojet?
Cargojet is a Canadian cargo airline that provides time-sensitive overnight air cargo services. It operates a fleet of dedicated cargo aircraft and serves as a key logistics partner for various industries, including e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and perishable goods.

2002 – today

Cargojet Logo

The main part of the logo is the company name written big, strongly tilted letters. They were colored black, and the font was nothing special. The second half of the word, however, is surrounded by a red trail left by an illustrated plane – it’s also in view, right above the last two letters.

Lastly, they put a little maple leaf right above the ‘J’, which clearly relayed that it’s a Canadian company.

Emblem and Symbol

The company has another, secondary symbol that they mostly use to decorate their planes. It’s a red maple leaf, drawn slightly over a gridded ball (meant to symbolize the globe). They mostly put it on the tails of the planes, where they color the exterior black for better contrast.