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What is Cebgo Logo

Cebgo is a large airline, founded in 1995. This company links Philippines with other countries of South Asia. The hubs of the airline are the international airports in Mactan–Cebu and Ninoy Aquino. They mostly make flights across the Far Eastern region, but also venture to Oceania at times.

Meaning and History

Cebgo was initially known as South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR). In 2013 its name was changed to Tigerair Philippines, after the series of legal problems. Finally, the name Cebgo appeared in 2015. The company has been using it ever since, although it’s now clear what it means.

2015 – Today

Cebgo Logo

The ‘Cebgo’ logotype of the company depicted the current name of the company, split in two parts by the blue and green colors. The lowercase letters are written in the classic sans-serif font.

Emblem and Symbol

As we’ve already mentioned, the airline was once known as South East Asian Airlines. At the beginning, the company had the logotype with its first name, written in the blue font with serifs. On the left from inscription, there were four multicolored lines turned to other different directions.