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About Fiji Airways Logo

Fiji Airways, formerly known as “Air Pacific”, is the national airline of Fiji, which provides international services from its centers in 13 countries and 23 cities.

The Fiji Airways logo contains a symbol, called the “teteva”, created by a local artist named Makereta Matemosi in the traditional indigenous Masi style. Together with the dark brown color, the new identity is much more rooted in the Fiji Islands and their culture. Teteva was designed to represent spirituality, consideration of others, Fijian hospitality, and the connection that ‘Fiji Airways’ will offer between Fiji’s 333 islands and the rest of the world. Each letter of the word Fiji is written with two stripes, which makes it similar to the sign itself. The logo seems very calm in contrast with the previous one of the 1970s and its yellow, orange, red, and blue stripes.