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Air Pacific is the biggest airline company operating in the island country of Fiji. Fiji is located just outside Oceania, in an island chain in the Southern Pacific. This fact actually justified their longest-standing name – the Pacific Air. It was only changed recently so as to highlight the origins of the country instead.

Meaning and History

Fiji Airways Logo history

As the company was amongst the biggest of its kind to operate in the Pacific, it was fittingly called Air Pacific from 1970 to 2012, when Fiji became independent. Before that, it was called Fiji Airways for 19 years, and before even that it was Katafaga Estates for a few years after its inception in the year 1947.

1951 – 1961

Fiji Airways Logo 1951

1961 – 1966

Fiji Airways Logo 1961

1966 – 1971

Fiji Airways Logo 1966

Before being renamed to Air Pacific in 1970, the company didn’t really have an emblem. It had a writing to act as its logo when it was still the first iteration of Fiji Airways. And that was a rather plain uppercase writing that said ‘Fiji Airways’ – they usually displayed it on the front side of the planes. The coloring could differ.

1970 – 19??

Fiji Airways Logo 1970

The first Air Pacific logo consisted of two parts: the writing and the emblem.

The writing was a pale blue company name written in blocky tilted letters, all uppercase. The emblem, for its part, was a fish image. It was likely a swordfish (judging by its blue back fins). The fish faced left and was bent almost like a moon. They’d usually put the emblem on the back of the fins.

19?? – 2003

Fiji Airways Logo 2003

2003 – 2013

Fiji Airways Logo 2003-2013

The 2003 official logo featured the similar writing of a blue tilted company name. This time, however, it was darker and not as violently blocky. Below it was its title of the ‘Fiji’s international airline’ – in black letters of the same font.

The emblem was now a thin tall trapezoid shape that resembled a vertical stabilizer (the vertical component on the back of the plane). It was painted in four colors, like a rainbow – blue, red, orange and yellow. They’d usually paint the back stabilizer on the plains accordingly.

2012 – today

Fiji Airways Logo

In 2012, the brand was reorganized into Fiji Airways again. The dominant color became dark brown. They still used two parts: the writing and the symbol.

The writing was also divided in two parts. The letters in ‘Fiji’ were uppercase and each styled as two lines each. The tips were noticeably sharp, and the ‘Airways’ part was smaller, each letter consisting of only one line, but with the same sharp tips.

The emblem was a circular traditional pattern of the Fiji native people. It was usually painted white and put against a dark brown background. In its entirety, it would usually occupy the back part of the planes.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem on the 2013 logo (the circle shape) represents the usual pattern of the Polynesian peoples. They like to depict strict patterns such as rectangles into bizarre shapes that seem soft and fluid in the end. The Fiji style is called ‘masi’, and they usually weave these into cloth – usually colored brown, hence the brand colors.