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Lufthansa CityLine is a German airline. It’s a subsidiary of the Lufthansa, and one shouldn’t mistake one for the other. ‘CityLine’ was initially founded as ‘Ostfriesische Lufttaxi’, then renamed to ‘Lufttransport’ and eventually turned into ‘OLT Express’ in 2011. 2 years later, it was transformed into ‘Lufthansa CityLine’.

Meaning and History

Lufthansa CityLine Logo history

Lufthansa CityLine is a German regional airline founded by Deutsche Lufthansa AG in 1958. Over the years, it has achieved significant milestones in the aviation industry. The airline has successfully operated a vast network of domestic and European routes, providing reliable and efficient services to passengers. Lufthansa CityLine has consistently maintained a strong focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, earning a reputation as a trusted regional carrier. Today, the company continues to thrive as a vital subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, contributing to the group’s overall success and serving as a key player in the regional aviation market.

What is Lufthansa CityLine?
Lufthansa CityLine is a regional subsidiary of Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany. It operates short and medium-haul flights, connecting smaller cities to major airports. With a fleet of regional aircraft, Lufthansa CityLine offers reliable and efficient air travel within Europe.

1958 – 2011

Lufthansa CityLine Logo 1958

Their oldest logo was a red wordmark ‘OLT’ (short for ‘Ostfriesische LuftTaxi’, and then ‘Ostfriesische LuftTransport’). The letters were visibly tilted to the right, moderately round, but still sharp in the corners. To the right, there was usually a black, abrupt outline of a bird used as an emblem.

2011 – 2013

Lufthansa CityLine Logo 2011

The ‘OLT Express’ logo uses a similar acronym, except without the tilt and with even rounder shapes. They also added the word ‘Express’ to the right from the acronym in exactly the same style. Lastly, there was a white arrow put inside a red circle, and it was used as an emblem for the airline in many cases.

2013 – today

Lufthansa CityLine Logo

In 2013, OLT turned into Lufthansa CityLine. They adopted the contemporary design of the Lufthansa logo with the addition of the word ‘CityLine’ in a similar dark blue style as the rest of the wordmark was like at the moment.