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Airline companies are sometimes products of strange decisions. Malindo is owned by another big airline company – Indonesia’s ‘Lion Air’ – that decided to open a subsidiary inside the Malaysian market. The goal was to reinforce the connections between the two countries, but Malindo ended up being a sizeable airline with flights all across Asia.

Meaning and History

The company was opened in 2012 as a Malaysian branch of a major Indonesian flights provider, Lion Air. Reflecting the goals of a new company, the name ended up being a mix of the words ‘Malaysia’ and ‘Indonesia’. The logo, for its part, mostly reused from the parent company.

What is Malindo Air?
Malindo Air is a Malaysian airline that offers both domestic and international flights. It provides affordable air travel options with a focus on customer satisfaction. The airline is known for its comfortable cabins, friendly service, and competitive fares.

2012 – today

Malindo Air Logo

Malindo logo design is almost identical to that of the Lion Air. The emblem of a red (Indonesia’s national color) winged lion is located in the center of the logo, with two words that make up the company name standing on each side of it. These words, ‘Malindo’ and ‘Air’ are written in a thick, almost oily typeface unique to Lion Air.

Emblem and Symbol

The symbol of a lion is used extensively by the company. They took the animal’s head (mid-roar) and, together with the mane and the chest (partially), combined it with a circle. Out of this circle, several rays are projected outwards – each with its own length, but generally in the same shape.