Nouvelair Logo

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Nouvelair is a major Tunisian airline that mostly occupies itself with transporting tourists to the Tunisian resorts on the Mediterranean. Their main clients are various countries in Europe – primarily on her western part. The airline is also known as Air Liberte Tunisie because it was originally meant to be a Tunisian branch of Air Liberte.

Meaning and History

At some point after its creation in 1989, the company changed its name to Nouvelair (‘nouvel’ means ‘new’ in French). Tunisia is heavily French-speaking, so it makes sense for their international airline to name themselves using French language. All the more so, considering that most their clients are French speakers anyway.

1989 – today

Nouvelair Logo

Nouvelair logo has the company name written on most of its free space, as these companies usually do. Here, it’s written in small, lowercase letters in an ordinary sans-serif typeface. They are colored in darkish blue (after the clear sky of Tunisia) and slightly tilted to the right.

The emblem they use alongside the inscription is a Sun (just a yellow circle, really), covered partially with blue-colored waves. It also symbolizes the nature of this airline as a bridge to the hot sea resorts of this country.

Emblem and Symbol

What they usually do with their ‘Sun’ logo is put it on the tail of their planes – primarily, on the vertical stabilizers that stick upwards from the very rear. They don’t put it as it is, but first cover most of the thing in darker shade of blue. It reduces the comprehensibility, but increases the aesthetic value.