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Philippine Airlines is the major air carrier of the Philippines. It operates domestic and international flights with cargo and passengers, and connects the country with the neighbors such as China, North American and European countries, Oceania and others. The main hub and headquarters is in Manila.

Meaning and History

Philippine Airlines Logo history

The company called Philippine Aerial Taxi began to fly in 1931. It was founded by Emmanuel N. Bachrach. After Aerial Taxi was bought in 1941 by the group of businessmen under the head of Andrés Soriano Sr, the company became known as Philippine Air Lines.

Who owns Philippine Airlines?
It’s owned by PAL Holdings. It’s not a particularly notably corporation – they simply invest into aviation there.

1935 – 1941

Philippine Airlines Logo 1935

The initial logotype of the company represented the picture of a girl, sitting on the meadow with the tree. She was watching on the flying orange-and-black aircraft. This entire curious picture was drawn inside the circular black-colored frame with the yellow inscriptions of the company name and the sphere of its business.

1941 – 1947

Philippine Airlines Logo 1941

The following logotype had another style. It depicted the image of a globe, featured near the three red-colored lines with unequal length, together reminding the wing of the aircraft. There was no any name of the company on this logotype. Maybe, this logo was the part of the signboard and was being placed next to the proper name in some curious font.

1947 – 1952

Philippine Airlines Logo 1947

The next logotype featured generally the same picture, except the globe now focused on the entirety of Asia, in red.

1952 – 1960

Philippine Airlines Logo 1952

One more company trademark appeared in 1952. It showed the similar elements as its predecessors, but that time in a different mood. On the dark blue oval, there was put the inscription ‘PAL’, of the white-colored sans-serif typeface. It is featured with the compass-like X. Also, behind the oval there was the familiar wing, but in the bright blue.

1960 – 1968

Philippine Airlines Logo 1960

Though it was eye-catching and greatly introduced the company, the 1952 logo was changed to another variant. It represented the familiar blue-colored oval with the ‘PAL’ abbreviation on it, and also the old ‘X’ symbol behind the oval. All this was featured on the white background without any other details.

What is Philippine Airlines?
It’s a flag carrier for Philippines. Additionally, they are one of the oldest airlines in the region.

1968 – 1970

Philippine Airlines Logo 1968

In 1968, the brand designers of Philippine Airlines introduced an experimental version of the corporate logotype, which was in use for two years. It had the elegant serif inscription ‘Philippine Air Lines’, written next to the circular emblem of two aircraft tails of red and blue colors. Due to the simple structure, the style of this logo is still in use today.

1970 – 1986

Philippine Airlines Logo 1970

As we have mentioned, the next logotypes featured the simple inscription with two plane tails. In the 1970, that experimental logo gained some new mods: the familiar inscription became sans-serif and bold, while the emblem lost its circular frame and the aircraft tails gained another appearance and were darkened.

1986 – today

Philippine Airlines Logo

Finally, the current logotype depicts generally the same elements as the previous one, but this time it has another color palette of the tail wings, and also the image of the sun on the blue aircraft tail. Also, we can mention that the inscription was a bit bent and became less bold than it was in the previous version of the logotype.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Philippine Airlines fly?
Most of their journeys end in various cities in Philippines. However, other destinations lead to the surrounding Asian countries, Americas and Europe, primarily.

The current brand logo is easy to use according to the situations and the place for the logo. While using the lengthened logo for the main signboards of the company offices, for the social media Philippine Airlines use the vertical version of the trademark. It has the two-level inscription, placed above the tagline ‘The Heart of the Filipino’.