RwandAir Logo

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RwandAir is the primary airline company in Rwanda – a rather small, but rapidly developing country in Central Africa. As a part of the government’s revitalization policy, this company was opened in 2002 and sponsored heavily to become an airline of continental importance. And they pretty much succeeded in that.

Meaning and History

The company started operations in the year 2002, although back them it was known as Rwandair Express. It was then shortened to just RwandAir – likely to emphasize the cleverness of the brand name. It’s just a combination of the country’s own name and of the word ‘air’, nothing fancy.

2002 – today

RwandAir Logo

The logo features the company’s own name written in thin, blue serif letters. The word is styled as ‘RwandAir’ – precisely as they write it elsewhere. However, the emblem accompanying this writing is arguably a much more recognizable symbol.

It depicts Sun surrounded by rays (the usual artistic depiction), placed against a skewed blue oval that is, in turn, surrounded by two ribbons of pale green and light blue. These, alongside the Sun element, are the colors of the Rwandan flag (barring the dark blue part).

When the company was called ‘Rwandair Express’, they also had this second word next the first one, but the logo was otherwise precisely the same.

Emblem and Symbol

The Sun symbol is used by the company very extensively. They put it everywhere, sometimes even independently of the main writing component. In case of their planes, they usually put the emblem on the tails of the planes, on the vertical stabilizers. In these instances, the whole rear of the plane is painted dark blue.