Shandong Airlines Logo

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Shandong Airlines is an airline company located in the Chinese province of Shandong. They are crucial for the transportation within the country. The flights go to other countries as well, but they are mostly neighboring nations. The overwhelming majority of destinations are in China.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1994 after Jinan (the provincial capital) was transformed into the regional aircraft hub. The airline was created to accommodate the needs of Chinese citizens, as well as facilitate travel to the friendly communist countries. That led to them accumulating a sizeable fleet, amongst the biggest in China.

1994 – today

Shandong Airlines Logo

The logotype includes three main elements: the emblem and two inscriptions (one in Chinese, and the other – in English).

The emblem was simply a blue circle with a twisted blank space inside it. Because this blank space is pierced by two straight lines, one may only guess that their inspiration was a simple take-off trek.

The English name inscription uses the same color and also the same approach. The letters are also somewhat tilted to the right, and they themselves are thin and tall. By comparison, the Chinese inscription uses orange glyphs. They are also tilted, but proportion-wise, they are much thicker.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to these several symbols, the airline also uses their secondary emblem that simply says ‘SDA’ in big blue letters, accompanied by an orange twisted line piercing the middle of the lettering. They usually put it on the front of their planes, but this emblem is used more broadly than that.